Embracing Spring in Your Life

Happy Spring!

Daffodils at the Philadelphia Flower Show

After a long, cold winter, it’s natural to want to get out and do all the things! When I completed my Design Your Dream 2019 worksheet earlier this year, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do each month that would bring me joy.

In February, I did two events that I had written down.

First, I went to “Muses in Dance,” a curated tour around the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where we explored the link between artistry and performance with a docent and a male ballerina from the Pennsylvania ballet. The docent shared the history behind every piece and anecdotes about the artist. Then, the ballerina shed light on the significance of dance in each work of art.

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, Edgar Degas

I learned some ground-breaking news: ballet wasn’t considered a fine art in the 1800s! When we looked at the Edgar Degas piece, Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, the curator said that ballet was performed during the intermission of operas to keep the audience entertained while the opera actors got changed. Imagine that! Also, being a dancer was a low class, poorly paid position, so many ballerinas were prostitutes. Older, wealthy men would linger in the dance studios to watch them rehearse and choose the girls they wanted as mistresses. Many of the girls died young, like the dancer in the sculpture above.

I really enjoyed this event! I like learning how much I don’t know. It pushes me to read more, ask more questions, and discover hidden gems.

One of the best parts of this event was wandering off on my own towards the end of the tour and discovering a few delightful pieces myself.

Still Life with Terms and a Bust of Ceres, Frans Snyders, 1630

The 3D effect of this painting above amazed me! How did the artist accomplish this effect on a flat surface?

Cocktails at Volvér, in the Kimmel Center

The second event that sparked joy in February? Seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra perform Brahms & Central Europe!

The orchestra during an intermission

I became a Young Member of the Philadelphia Orchestra (free if you’re under 35!), and I got amazing seats for just $30, on the balcony overlooking the stage. The show was conducted by Joshua Wellerstein with Ricardo Morales on clarinet.

I loved seeing the musicians’ facial expressions and watching them all play in unison.

Listening to the orchestra play live was like floating away on a cloud of musical magic. I felt like my whole body was experiencing each note.

In March, I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show, and experienced the beauty of Flower Power at the PA Convention Center.

There was so much beauty everywhere that it was a little overwhelming. I wanted to visit the butterfly room, but after walking through all the exhibits in the main room, I was utterly exhausted and opted instead for dinner at Rittenhouse Terminal Market next door. I tried Beiler’s donuts for the first time – delicious!

As we move into the sunshine and the freedom that spring brings, I think of how many of us pass through metaphorical seasons in our life. A dark period in our life can feel like an endless winter with no release. And what’s worse, we can become addicted to the winter in our lives and the toxic emotions it produces – stress, fear, frustration, disappointment. It can happen when a woman moves from abusive relationship to abusive relationship. Or when two friends can’t communicate in a healthy way and instead constantly compete because it’s the only way that they can connect with each other.

I recently came to the stark realization that for the past five years, I had been tightly holding onto the grief that I felt when my stepdad passed away. It’s time to let it go and to walk into the Spring of my life. Letting go of a toxic emotion that you’ve grown accustomed to feeling is difficult. It can feel like letting a part of yourself go. But the truth is, you are liberating yourself from the oppression of that heavy emotion that is draining you of your energy.

I’ve been reading Becoming Supernaturalby Dr. Joe Dispenza this week, and this passage really struck me:

 …if most of the time you’re living by those addictive stress hormones, you might use your boss to reaffirm your addiction to judgement. You might use your coworkers to reaffirm your addiction to insecurity, the news to reaffirm your addiction to anger, your ex to reaffirm your addition to resentment, and your relationship with money to reaffirm your addiction to lack…and that means there’s no energy available for you to create a new job, a new relationship, a new financial situation, a new life, or even a newly healed body.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural (p. 48)

Pursuing magical moments that bring me happiness like the Flower Show and seeing the orchestra play live is the way I say yes to Spring and no to Winter in my life.

Portrait of Madame du Barry, Louise-Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1781

Another thing that gets me fired up and inspired is working on new projects, and I’m currently working on the launch of a new category of products in my Etsy shop that I can’t wait to unveil soon!

Spring is calling. How are you embracing this season in your life today?

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