Hi, I’m Julicia

I spend my time within two very different yet equally rewarding worlds. One part corporate: working at a law firm in talent. One part creative: as an author, artist, creative educator and garden aficionado. I paint to bring the beauty of local tristate-area gardens to your homes. I sew because I am endlessly enthralled at the magic of making a flat, 2D piece of fabric into a garment I can wear or a home decor piece to adorn my home. I teach to encourage my students to boldly explore new projects, fearlessly make mistakes, and to learn from their creative practice.

I’m based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The “sylvania” in Pennsylvania is a Latin term that translates as “woodlands” – and this state is incredibly green! In spring, summer, and fall, I feel as though I’m living in a botanical wonderland.

My highest goal for my blog is to inspire my community to connect with nature, create, and find joy in the little things. Little things that spark joy for me include nurturing my plant babies, painting holiday ornaments, working on blog posts for my readers, leading sewing workshops, and taking a walk through my favorite gardens.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog and join me as we embark on the sometimes messy, mostly magical journey of creative living.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in a garden

Listening to

soca music

grateful for

my family



Favorite colors

pink & purple

Sweet or savory


What inspires me

Traversing through wildflower gardens, scribbling morning pages, indulging in a cup of evening tea, spending a sunny afternoon outside reading on a picnic blanket…I believe there is great beauty in the little things, and that everyday moments have the potential to inspire us and transcend into something magical: art.

My hope to encourage others to find a sense of meaning, peace, and pure joy within the mess and mundane of everyday life and to start (and maintain) their own creative practice.