Meet My Plant Babies and Grab Your Plant Care Profiles

You might think that because I’m obsessed with botanical gardens, I’m a natural at growing plants. Oh, how I wish that were true! I do not have the natural green thumb that my parents do. I have to work at it a little harder.

Lavender, Mini Romaine Lettuce, and Spearmint

Every spring, I like to buy a few new potted plants to liven up my space. This year, I got lavender, spearmint, a mini romaine lettuce plant, asparagus fern, curly jade, and an aloe plant.

They join the succulent that was the one surviving plant from my previous apartment when I moved in December.

Each of my plant babies has their own unique needs. Some like full sunlight whereas others prefer shade. Some want their soil to be moist while others prefer dry, desert-like conditions. I’m not the kind of person who can naturally keep track of these needs in my head. I need to write them down.

Asparagus fern

This year, I got terracotta pots for most of my plants. I read that the terracotta absorbs a lot of water. I tend to overwater, so I thought these pots would be the perfect safety net for me since I have a lot of succulents, and they prefer drier soil. To protect my surfaces from moisture released from the terracotta after watering, I got these nifty flower pot trays on Amazon. I like how the trays are understated and don’t take away from the beauty of the terracotta and my plants babies.

Other handy tools in my plant care toolbox are my pink watering can, that has a useful detachable shower nozzle, and my pink floral shears that I use for trimming both my herbs and floral bouquets. (Can you tell I love pink? 😉💖 hehe)

Plants are patient and stoic. They won’t nudge you to feed them like a pet would. They quietly wait for you to notice their needs. This can be both a blessing and a curse. If you’re so wrapped up in your own life and daily stressors (which I often can be), you can forget to take the time to observe your plants and listen to them. You really have to be vigilant to pay attention to what they are asking for.

Because I am a woman who appreciates a good schedule and needs to write things down to remember, I created a little guide for my plants’ watering schedule, sunlight needs, and other quirks. The first worksheet can be used to write down details for one plant. The second worksheet is an at-a-glance overview that you can use for multiple plants. I keep these profiles in a drawer in my kitchen island where they’re easily accessible so I don’t have to constantly google my plants’ needs.

These worksheets have a space for you to record the optimal sun, shade, watering schedule, and even fertilizer frequency for each of your plants.

You can download your free plant care profiles for free by clicking here.

Even with my plant care profiles, by no means am I horticulturalist extraordinaire. In fact, I recently harvested the leaves of my romaine lettuce plant for a salad, and I’m (very) impatiently waiting for it to grow back. My spearmint plant has a couple of brown spots, and I need to investigate if (1) it’s and issue and (2) if yes, how to get rid of those. The worksheets give my plant care routine more structure and help me to feel more on top of things. I can jot down notes about my plants instead of trying to keep everything in my head.

I hope you enjoy the plant care profiles. What are you growing this year? Leave a comment below, and let me know!

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