Styer’s Peony Festival at Chadds Ford

The last weekend in May, a close friend and I visited the Styer’s Peony Festival in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. This annual celebration of the peony takes place in a majestic, sun-drenched field about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

When you first arrive, you’re welcomed by a group of hosts at the ticket tent. Tickets were just $15 this year, and we bought ours online. Once you’re all checked in, you drive along the dirt road to the parking area. Be prepared to visit the car wash after this event because your car will get dusty from driving on the dirt roads. 🧼🚗🚿😉

It’s hard to take in the full expanse of this peony paradise until you step outside of your car. There are over 25 acres of peonies, and the bright flowers pop their heads up as far as the eye can see. There are so many varieties! Angel Cheeks, Pink Double, Bowl of Cream, Coral Charm – even the names of the peonies are lovely.


At the festival, there were groups of friends, couples, and families with both young and older children. Even though there were so many people, you wouldn’t know it by looking at some of my photos. That’s how expansive the field was.

When I first visited this festival in 2021 with my sister, it was deep in the middle of the pandemic. Things were quite different then. There were no amenities – just a dirt road and a beautiful field of flowers.

Styer's Peony Festival, 2021Styer’s Peony Festival, 2021

Styer's Peony Festival, 2021Styer’s Peony Festival, 2021

This time around, there was a food truck, wine vendor, and a tented picnic area to sit and chat in the shade. There were even restrooms: port-a-potties with outdoor sinks. They were surprisingly quite clean, which was a relief.

After all that frolicking in the fields, I felt happy to take respite in the tent and quench my thirst while chatting with my friend. Even though it was cloudy that day, it was extremely bright. You can tell because it was a struggle to keep my eyes open for photos lol.

The Styer’s Peony Festival in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania has ended, but the festival has moved up north to Geneva, New York (tix available here). If you plan on visiting the Styer’s Peony Festival, my advice to you is to wear sneakers. You’ll be walking on dirt roads and through fields of flowers. You’ll want something sturdy on your feet.

IMG_9444.jpgIMG_9468.jpgI also would recommend that you bring sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. You may want to wear long pants or a longer dress if you don’t like it when plants or bugs brush against your legs. There were a few peony lanes with spiky plants, and I had to be very careful navigating around these pointy plants so my legs wouldn’t get scratched.

Frolicking in a fragrant field of flowers is the epitome of luxury to me. I had so much fun that day! There was a tent where we could purchase a bouquet before leaving, and I of course brought back some peonies home with me.

I collaborated with friends to put together the reel using some clips we shot while at the festival. Take a look below.

Enter the peony paradise

What’s your favorite flower? Have you been to a flower festival before? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Your photos definitely capture the beauty of the flowers. And thank the Lord for outdoor sinks :). It looks like a lovely experience!
    ~ Niquey

    1. Thank you!! I’m in awe of how delicate and intricate these flowers are – and there are so many varieties of peonies!

      And yes, praise the Lord for outdoor sinks with running water🙌🏾 It definitely elevates the port-a-potty experience lol 😂

  2. So beautiful. My favorite is actually a peony. I would say baby’s breath but I think it’s technically a weed. Looks like you had so much fun!

    1. Peonies are my favorite flower 🥰 I think their ephemeral nature makes them that more precious to me. And baby’s breath are gorgeous – so dainty and delicate 🤍🦢✨ I never knew they were weeds before – they can “invade” my garden anytime! 😊

  3. If you decide to visit Styer’s in Geneva, Linwood Gardens is an hour west of Geneva and they grow peonies as well. They have tours on the weekends. Dates are on their FB page.

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