Chanticleer, a Pleasure Garden

I would say spring is my absolute favorite season…but the truth is I love them all! Still, there is nothing quite like that first warm day of springtime, when you don’t need a jacket and you can walk sleeveless, with the bare sun kissing your skin.

I’m so excited about everything this season has to bring, from pressing freshly cut wildflowers I find on hikes to exploring new gardens and arboretums throughout my area.

This past Saturday, I visited Chanticleer Gardens for the very first time. Chanticleer is an estate that was built in 1913 as a family retreat by Adolph Rosengarten, Sr. and his wife Christine. In 1993, the house and gardens were opened up to the public. It has been called the most romantic garden in America and America’s most inspiring garden. I agree.

Never have I felt so inspired than that Saturday. I wanted to capture every moment, every peculiar little treasure.

A friend invited me to explore the gardens with him, and I’m so happy that he did! I had thought I had visited every garden in the Philadelphia area already; I was definitely mistaken. When I bought my entry ticket to the garden, the greeter gave me a booklet with over 30 parks I haven’t been to yet!

Chanticleer took my breath away.

It’s a beautiful, rambling estate. Every space, every outside nook is creatively and organically curated.

Visiting older estate homes with botanical gardens is one of my absolute favorite activities. I used to love visiting castles when I lived in Europe. The homes were so gorgeous, and every house had a history and a family that used to live in it. Walking around Chanticleer, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to live around such beauty every day, to see everything slowly bloom, blossom, and come alive in April.

Being at Chanticleer made my heart sing.

Although the weather is back to windy and quite cold this week, Saturday was a glorious preview of what’s to come in May & June.

Nature feeds my soul and fulfills my spirit. I was radiating happiness and joy that day. I’m definitely going back.

I took a couple of video clips that day, and compiled them into a short YouTube video. I hope you enjoy, but nothing is quite like visiting the garden in person for yourself.

How are you celebrating the coming of springtime? Could it be buying a new wardrobe, spring cleaning the KonMari way, or pressing flowers? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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