Rose Petal Notes + ASMR Video Tutorial

Pressing flowers is a slow art that anyone can do. For Christmas, I asked for a flower press. I wanted to have a way to preserve a bit of the magic of having a little piece of nature.

Fresh cut flowers are so beautiful, but they fade away quite quickly. When you press buds, petals, or leaves, they last a lot longer.

You can use pressed flowers in bullet journaling, art journaling, mixed media pieces, letters to friends, greeting cards, and even as watercolor muses.

You don’t need a flower press to preserve petals or flowers; you can use heavy books, which I’ve done before. A press simply makes the process a bit tidier and simpler.

I pressed carnation petals, rose petals, and baby’s breath from bouquets I got on Valentine’s Day. (At least I think they’re carnations…if they’re not, please correct me 😉 )

I let the flowers sit for 4 weeks in my flower press. They could have sat in my press for just 2 weeks, but I honestly forgot about them.

When I finally got around to opening my press, I thought it would be a fun moment to film. It was quiet and raining softly that day and I didn’t feel like talking, so the video turned out to be an accidental ASMR clip. I actually find many ASMR videos to be very relaxing. Check out the video below because it shows the reveal as well as a bonus DIY at the end:

After I took all of the flowers and petals out of my press, I decided to write some of my favorite quotes on the rose petals.

Pressed rose petals, with quotes written in Micron pen

I made the little butterfly envelope using a template from Jordan Clark, a YouTuber who makes stickers and art. I mailed these rose petals and a letter to my friend who recently got great news. I plan to write a lot more letters this year. I used to write letters to my friends all the time, then I fell off somewhere around 2017. I want to get back into the habit again.

Happy crafting! I hope this video inspires you and relaxes you.

If you try this rose petal quote craft, hashtag it #juliciarosediy and tag me on Instagram or Facebook @juliciarose because I’d love to see your creations!

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